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Kenetx Systems was formed out of necessity. Our principals saw a need and decided to fill it. This need was that of a professional internet and intranet consulting company that would enable businesses to stay competitive in the digital age. Kenetx Systems enables businesses to stay competitive through services ranging from basic networking and systems management to security auditing. Our people are some of the most capable in their field. Our Microsoft gurus are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of installing and maintaining a Microsoft Windows based back-end to your network. Our Macintosh experts have many years of experience with all Mac operating systems from System 7 to Apple's latest Mac OS X. Our Linux gurus are battle hardened with years of in the trenches experience.

Kenetx Systems is proud to be platform agnostic and capable of supporting almost any configuration your company may have. We never push a particular technology due to outside pressure from vendors. If an open source solution is the best choice for your organization then that is what we will implement, likewise if a proprietary solution is the best choice, then that will be implemented.

Our engineers regularly contribute to discussions on such topics as network security, dynamic website content management, open source solutions, website usability and many other technology topics. Some of our engineers' and developers' favorite websites include: for lively technology discussion for news about GNU/Linux for discussions involving PHP technology

Our engineers pride themselves on keeping up to date with new technologies and keeping informed about changes to existing technology. The internet and related technology changes at a very rapid pace and it requires continual effort to stay up to date. Our employees regularly attend industry conferences and classes to stay up to date with all of these changes.

We have over 50 years combined experience in all things computer related. Our web developers have a background in digital media with degrees from such places as East Tennessee State University's esteemed Digital Media Department. Our web designers and developers have a thorough understanding of all the steps needed to make your online presence a success. We understand website placement in search engines and make full use of the technology. Our developers know what it takes to make a website usable.



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