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Kenetx Systems can help your company grow your online business. We can help your existing business join the digital age with a professional website. For better or worse, first impressions are all a business gets on the Web. If your business has a slow loading, unprofessional page, most users will simply move on. Users assume that if a business' web site is unprofessional and unpolished then so is the business itself.

Speed, usability and aesthetics are all important to web site design. Many small web developers overlook the most important of the three: usability. The designer must anticipate what the web site's users expect of the site. Bells and whistles while a welcome addition to many web sites, can become clutter in the wrong hands. Our developers have studied design from highly accredited design schools such as East Tennessee State University's Digital Media School. Know that your project will be treated with professional attitude and methods. We do not use a given technology just because it is available.

Kenetx Systems' developers are firm believers in usability design. There are many schools of thought on this subject ranging from stark and simple such as Jakob Nielsen, to web sites that are elegant and beautiful but may leave some users guessing as to where to click next. The end result of a web site should be aesthetically pleasing and usable at the same time. This is not an easy marriage.

Aesthetically pleasing websites that are useful and present information in an easy to find and follow manner do not happen overnight. The success of a web site can only come after extensive usability testing. The target audience is of the utmost importance.

A web site such as eBay with its use of vivid colors and bold logo has a completely different audience than Red Hat's web site which is striving for a more professional, business-like approach. Again, the target audience is the most important variable in web site development and Kenetx Systems' web developers do not take this lightly. We invite you to look over our portfolio of projects that we have done and judge for yourself.