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To stay competitive in modern business, your technology must evolve. Upgrading or migrating to new systems can be a daunting and perilous adventure. Kenetx Systems has designed and managed extensive migration and upgrades to effectively keep our clients using up to date technologies. We have designed and implemented all encompassing network overhauls for our clients from end to end workstation, network, server and applications to simple upgrades of mail platforms from one revision to the next. At Kenetx Systems, we approach migrations from a business impact and business benefit standpoint – developing our solutions to lessen the impact of downtime, managing information conversion, and providing detailed instruction to administrators and end users on systems changes and usage. Don't trust one of the most important parts of your business to just anyone. Everybody talks about it. We deliver it.

Kenetx Systems offers many solutions for your company:

Reliable Backups - If your company depends on a computer for information storage it is paramount to have a planned backup strategy in case of fire, flood, hardware failure and theft. A proper backup strategy can minimize downtime in even the worst case scenario.
Kenetx Systems implements backup strategies in three steps:

Organization of data - keeping data files and program files seperate is the first step to implementing a backup.
Planning the backup strategy - Kenetx works with you to determine what data needs to be backed up and when backups should occur.
Ease of use - Kenetx designs backups to be of minimal impact on your day to day operations. 99% of your effort will be simply changing a tape in a backup drive.

E-Commerce that works - E-commerce is changing the way the world does business. From the way we purchase books to the online purchase of automobiles, the internet has changed the face of commerce. No longer are you confined to a single region or municipality, anyone can be a global business. Large or small, your business can now reach the entire planet. Kenetx Systems offers a turn-key solution to your business' online commerce needs. Utilizing open-source tools Kenetx Systems can build a stable, secure e-commerce solution customized to fit your needs.

Effortless migration - Migrating from one platform to another can be a scary experience for even the most hardened IT professionals. Even upgrading from one point release to the next on the same architecture can be a challenge. Kenetx Systems has the capabilities to perform almost any migration. Upgrading from Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003? Not a problem. Our Microsoft gurus are some of the best in the business with years of experience upgrading Windows based networks. Moving from a Microsoft back-end to open-source? We have you covered. Our Linux engineers are ready to help you move to an open system. Migrating from MacOS 9 to OS X? We have plenty of experience in transitioning users from the Classic Mac system to the new OS. We can ensure that your legacy apps work with the new system.

Website Hosting - Our web servers' uptimes are measured in months not weeks or days.

Kenetx Systems believes there are three keys to dependable website hosting:

Reliability - strong dependable hardware is the first step to a reliable web host. Kenetx uses top of the line hardware in our servers. No bottom bin refurbished equipment here. Of course we make regular backups that are stored on and off site.
Stability - the key to utilizing the reliable hardware is a stable operating system, Kenetx implements CentOS and OpenSUSE Linux in all our servers. For an informative link on why Linux is our platform of choice for servers go here.
Security - no operating system is secure by default when running a webserver, that is where our knowledge of Linux and networking protocols comes into play. Our Linux engineers follow the security lists of the Linux distributions we use as well as any pertinent software.

The combination of reliability, stablity and security is what makes Kenetx Systems a dependable host.

Spam filtering - spam is plaguing every business on some level. Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE or spam) has the effect of reducing productivity, offending some users and possibly affecting the stability and security of computers. Some spam is offensive to the point that businesses are afraid of a possible legal backlash if they do not stop spam before it makes its way to users' desktops. Kenetx can implement a spam filter for your business that is affordable and accurate. If you are hosted through Kenetx Systems, then your e-mail is already filtered and any spam that comes to your inbox is tagged as such.